I am from Maidenhead, Berkshire and have recently graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth with a degree in BA Hons Graphic Design. My interests in design involve creating visuals that communicate an idea or concept in an effective way. I love to communicate my ideas through motion graphics and design outcomes that help the user experience things in a better way. I want to solve problems within design and every new brief tackled, I learn more about how to solve these problems. 

I am constantly inspired by graphic design whether it is reading books and magazines or scrolling through the web. Graphic design is everywhere and I, even if it’s a small part, want to inject my creative thinking and enthusiasm into it. 

After undertaking an internship last summer, I would like to take the next step and be more involved in a junior designer role at a fast paced agency. I prefer to surround myself with people who have similar personalities and interests to me which is why I feel working in an agency would benefit me. London would be the ideal location for now but I am interested in broadening my horizons as I develop as a designer.  

I consider myself to be flexible in the sense that I enjoy working individually as well as in a team. Individually I enjoy getting tasks completed in my personal style, where as in a team I enjoy creatively working together and combining different ideas in order to arrive at an outcome.  



- Foundation Diploma - Arts University Bournemouth - 2013 - 2014 

- Ba (Hons) Graphic Design - Arts University Bournemouth - 2014 - 2017 


- 6 week Design Intern at Digital Storm - May/June 2016


Award - D&AD New Blood Pencil winner - 2017

FeaturePerception of Time - BUMF magazine 2017